About Jacobs & Brichford

At Jacobs and Brichford, we proudly produce eight delicious varieties of farmstead artisan cheese. All of our cheese is processed with raw milk, sourced only from our farm’s grass-fed herd.

Artisanal Cheese

As a small farm, all of our cheese is small-batch produced. Because of this, we are more closely able to monitor production and are able to offer higher quality cheese.

Grass Fed

We value an all-natural grazing approach to our livestock and believe it is not only more ethical and humane, but also leads to better tasting cheese.

Award Winning

People say that experience is king. With over 15 years in the dairy industry, our experience has landed numerous awards, so we’d have to say that we agree!

Our product has been featured in a number of national and regional publications.

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Grass Fed & Farmstead Grown Raw Milk Cheese

We believe that it is not only more humane and ethical to raise grass-fed cattle, but also that they produce the highest quality dairy products.

“Our cheese is the best because of our breeding and feeding programs, sanitation and attention to the details.”

– Matthew Brichford, Owner

As a family, we truly enjoy all aspects of cheesemaking. We take pride in producing quality food. Our process of goes all the way from the grass that the cows graze on, to the delivery of the finished product.  and making healthy food for people.


Pounds of cheese produced yearly

Head of Cattle

% obsessed with quality

An Indiana Family Farm Raising Best in Class, Grass-Fed, Healthy cows

We are Leslie Jacobs and Matthew Brichford, and we have lived on the Brichford Family Farm since 1981! 

Our married life has been built on this farm. Together we raised three incredible daughters who grew up spending their summers milking cows and chasing the other animals (and each other) around the fields. 

Our family is an active part of our local community, celebrating our rich family history in the area that dates back as far as 1819. As individuals the involvement ranges from Matthew coaching soccer for the local recreation program to Leslie’s involvement with food banks, and joint work with the local Trails committee to create more greenspace. As a business, they also frequently donate food for community events.

The farm is a true family operation. Today, Matthew manages the farm and makes our artisan cheese. Leslie and daughter Maize work together to market the cheese. Even the Welsh Corgi, Mirk, is an active worker on the farm, running alongside the cows encouragingly.

Our goal is to stay on the family’s Hoosier Homestead property. With fifteen years in the dairy business, we believe we have developed a vision that will allow us to continue to operate our family farm in a sustainable way for generations to come.

Our cheese is fused with intention

Nestled in the Whitewater River Valley of South East Indiana, our land has been home to a family farm since the early 1800s. We produce all the milk used in our cheese from our grass-fed, Jersey, Normande and Tarentaise cross cows. Our far is also home to a small flock of hair sheep and a drift of Berkshire hogs.

Following nature’s rhythm of milking (in a New Zeeland-style outdoor parlour), we operate a seasonal dairy and move our cows through fresh pastures each day.  With our meticulously managed resources and limited use of inputs, we create all-natural, grass-fed milk and cheeses of the highest quality.

Our Product Line

We use the freshest milk from our own grass-fed cows, and it shows. Our specialty cheeses have a delicious flavor that is unique to our farm.  The cheeses are handcrafted using our own specially-developed artisan recipes and the freshest grass-fed ingredients.

Take a chance, we are confident that you will taste the difference.

Adair 🥇

Adair is a raw milk cheese, aged a minimum of 60 days. Modeled after farmstead cheeses from southeastern France, the Adair is a mold-ripened cheese with a semi-soft paste.
Good Food Awards Winner 2016
Good Food Awards Finalist 2018

Ameribella 🥇

Ameribella is our semi-soft, washed rind cheese, inspired by the cheeses of Northern Italy, with a salty, savory and mildly lactic flavor.
Good Food Awards Winner 2015


Briana is a semi-firm, smear-ripened cheese, dense and easily melted.  It is carefully aged for a minimum of 90 days to develop a wonderfully complex flavor.

Briana with Truffles 🥈

Briana with Truffles is semi-firm, smear-ripened cheese, dense and easily melted, made with Italian truffle oil and black truffles throughout the cheese.
Second Place Winner at American Cheese Society 2016

Everton 🥇

Everton is aged 8-12 months, styled after Alpine style cheeses, with a firm, creamy texture and a savory, sweet flavor that gets sharper with age.
Good Food Awards Winner 2014
United States Cheese Championship Second Award in Class 2017

Everton Premium 🥇

Everton Premium Reserve is our Everton, carefully aged for a minimum of 18 months, fully developing the sharper flavors, yet retaining it’s subtle sweetness. United States Cheese Championships
Best In Class 2017


JQ is a fresh, soft-ripened cheese, aged 60 days, that comes in a small brick weighing about one pound. Smooth and balanced, this cheese has a beautiful mold and an earthy and umami flavor.

Tomme de Fayette

Tomme de Fayette, our version of a traditional tomme, is a grassy, complex cheese that is in a wheel weighing about eight pounds and is 8 inches across the top. The cheese is allowed to naturally age, with the rind going from slightly mold covered to speckled and semi-firm.